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Making an Appointment

Taking the first step can be difficult. It involves accepting that you could use some help with your emotional wellbeing. There is no obligation to commit to counselling after the initial assessment meeting. This first meeting is a chance to think together about the issues raised and decide what kind of approach is most likely to work for you. There are different types of counselling and psychotherapy and if an alternative one seems likely to be best for you, then Cathy will point you in the right direction.

Referrals can come from you, your doctor, other therapists, Bupa or a work-based mental health service.
No matter where the referral comes from, the counselling work is confidential.

Cathys BUPA profile can be viewed by clicking this link:


Daytime or evening appointments are available and an initial meeting can usually be arranged within a week.


Fees are £60 per session for daytime and £70 per session for evenings.

A regular counselling session lasts for 50 minutes.

An initial assessment session often lasts longer, up to 90 minutes, but is charged at the usual fee.

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